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Israel’s Doomsday Submarines Nearly Ready

Dolphin II Class Nearing Completion

Right now, three Dolphin II-class submarines are under construction at Germany’s ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems shipyards in Kiel. Once the submarines complete their trials and head towards the Mediterranean, they will become the most powerful Israeli submarines ever.

More than 225 feet long, the diesel-electric Dolphin II class is part attack submarine, part nuclear strike ship and part commando taxi.

They’re also painted in an unusual combination of black, blue and green colors. That’s “meant to make the ship less visible, and thought to be especially effective in Mediterranean waters,” Defense News noted after recently publishing new photographs of the fat, oddly-shaped boats in dry dock and on sea trials.

In terms of weapons, the three boats of the Dolphin II class—the TanninRahav and a third unnamed submarine—contain 10 torpedo tubes capable of launching fiber optic cable-guided DM-2A4 torpedoes. Germany has already handed over the Tannin, which is preparing for its journey to Israel.

Four of these tubes are larger 26-inch tubes—the size is rare for a Western-built submarine—capable of launching small commando teams or firing larger cruise missiles. The remaining six tubes measure at 21 inches.

Although not admitted by the Israeli government, the Dolphin II is widely believed to soon possess nuclear-tipped Popeye Turbo cruise missiles. The submarine’s armament includes non-nuclear anti-ship Harpoon and anti-helicopter Triton missiles.

WTF is a Popeye Turbo?

OK back to 2000 .. from the Federation of American Scientists:

In May 2000 Israel is reported to have secretly carried out its first test launches from two German-built Dolphin-class submarines of cruise missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads. The missiles launched from vessels off Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean are said to have hit a target at a range of about 1,500 kilometers [about 930 statute miles]. Israel is reported to possess a 200kg nuclear warhead, containing 6kg of plutonium, that could be mounted on cruise missiles.

It is generally agreed that these submarines are outfitted with six 533-millimeter torpedo tubes suitable for the 21-inch torpedoes that are normally used on most submarines, including those of the United States. Some reports suggest that the submarines have a total of ten torpedo tubes — six 533-millimeter and four 650-millimeter. Uniquely, the Soviet navy deployed the Type 65 heavy-weight torpedo using a 650-millimeter tube. The four larger 25.5 inch diameter torpedo tubes could be used to launch a long-range nuclear-capable submarine-launched cruise missile (SLCM).

Only ONE nation to day can be the cause of such a weapon system being developed in Israel although looking at the greater middle east today here is a list.

  1. KSA
  2. Turkey
  3. Lebanon Hizballah
  4. Syria
  5. IS
  6. Iraq/Shia Rump
  7. Iran
  8. Egypt (who knows what next year might bring?)

Oh wait, THAT’S EVERYONE but Jordan!

James Foley makes you wish for something OLD SCHOOL in the skies

I don’t know what ISIS intended … but I want to see thousands of them in the sky blotting out the blue, and obliterate the entire culture which spawned this sub human behavior so that anyone with such desires, REMEMBERS.

One big bomb seems to lack something for me this morning.

The Yezidis, the Kurds, the Christian Iraqis all lived in a stewing hell which has now boiled.

But there is nothing in the desert, is there?

And the dusty cities? Are they now filled with the hating super salafi freaks?

Will we save hundreds of thousands, or millions to make it all look like the Tokyo of 1945 above?

12 well placed bombs from F-18’s will not achieve what must be achieved.

That is the sad and disgusting truth.

ISIS is the penultimate achievement of what has become the ascendant form of Islam in our world.

It’s entire birthing culture is at fault.

The time for excuses based on Assad, or Maliki, or Wahab, or the Quran is now passed. If we allow these ideas to survive as a culture, what happens next will be our faults.

I want to think about football. The baseball off season. Stacking wood. Seeing my grandchildren. Watching the mist  on the lake in the mornings. Kayaking and hiking in the fall color. I wanted to read that Mosul is like Paris, and the Iraqi desert a place where tree after tree has been made to bloom.

But we have to recognize what is and what can never be.

Obliterate whatever is called for.

Arm the Kurds in their new free Kurdistan, to whatever degree is called for. Let them swarm to and over the Syrian border and drive to the Mediterranean if it can be done. Who will be worse off?

The Syrians being bombed everyday in crumbling cities? The Iraqis scattering before the salafi warlord MUTANTS? Will we shed tears for the  crushed Shia freaks of Hizballah? Anyone going to miss Nasrallah? Miss the salafi head cutters?

The Kurds are our BEST and strategic friends, and it’s time for a bold action.

The time has come to realize a reckoning is unavoidable. It was here in 2001 but instead we chose to make John Adams and Jeffersons in Kabul. 3,000 deaths cannot have taught us what 1 death makes obvious.

Civilized hopes are foolish.

It’s going to have to be a solution achieved by BOLD ACTION, risking whatever has to be risked, and destroying whatever has to be destroyed, thus creating something which will last as NATO did, into the lives of the grandchildren of the founders.

Hamas: Military wing ‘alert and ready for every possiblity’

A Hamas spokesperson in Gaza, Mushir al-Masri, said Tuesday afternoon that the organization’s military wing was, “alert and ready for every possibility.” The comments referred to a dramatic rise in tensions after the current 24-hour ceasefire in Gaza, due to expire at midnight, was broken by rocket fire on Be’er Sheva and Netivot.

Good. Try.

Objects in the mirror are closer than they seem

This is the eleventh ceasefire that Hamas has either rejected or violated

Press Office of Israel as rockets from Gaza this morning are fired at Israel and Israel is now responding.

And WHY are people hankering for Israel to ‘control themselves’, when the freely elected ‘govt’ of Gaza tries to kick Israel in the balls as often as possible?

Does a cup mean HAMAS gets unlimited kicks?

What would a truce mean except re-arming?

Except more tunnels?

Why would Israel give the ENEMY OF THE ISRAELI PEOPLE (not to mention Jews everywhere) a seaport and airport to bring in more weapons without some final peace?



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Terrific in the right room

South Africa STILL suffers from intense racism, there’s just one thing



South African Union Leader Calls for Attacks on Jews ‘Everywhere’

A leader of South Africa’s most powerful trade union has called for attacks on Jews in response to the war in Gaza. 

In a posting on his personal Facebook page Wednesday, Tony Ehrenreich, the leader of the Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) in the Western Cape province, called for “an Eye for an Eye against Zionist aggression” and warned that “if a woman or child is killed in Gaza,” then Jews who support Israel must face an equivalent fate.

Breitbart News reached Ehrenreich via his cell phone–which is publicly available–and he confirmed that the Facebook posting was his own. 

Ehrenreich is one of South Africa’s more important political voices. He was the Cape Town mayoral nominee in 2011 for the country’s major political party, the African National Congress (ANC), and still leads the opposition in the city council. He has strong anti-Israel views, and recently called for boycotts of jewish businesses in South Africa if the Jewish community’s leadership, the Board of Deputies, refused to stop supporting Israel.

Now, Ehrenreich has apparently taken his campaign one step further–to possible incitement:

Its [sic] time for an Eye for an Eye against Zionist aggression…

We have seen in our own country that the Jewish Board of deputies [sic] have [sic] arranged gatherings to pledge their allegiance to the killing of Palestinians . W e [sic] are aware that the Jewish Board of Deputies has been fascilitating and supporting the funding of the Isreali [sic] Army as well as getting SA youth to join the killings in Gaza . This makes the Jewish Board of Deputies complicit in the murder of the people in Gaza .

The time has come to say very clearly that if a woman or child is killed in Gaza , then the Jewish board of deputies [sic], who are complicit, will feel the wrath of the People of SA with the age old biblical teaching of an eye for an eye. The time has come for the conflict to be waged everywhere the Zionist supporters fund and condone the war killing machine of Isreal [sic].

People in other countries waged war inside their countries for the freedom of South Africans from Apartheid , we are duty bound to do the same for other countries where apartheid is practiced .

Last month, another member of the ANC in the Western Cape province posted an antisemitic statement to her personal Facebook page–an image of Hitler with the comment, “Yes man, you were right!” and the caption: “I could have killed all the Jews, but I left some of them to tell you why I was killing them.” 

The ANC refused to discipline Smit or apologize, saying that it could not do so because the comments were on her personal page.

In an interview with Breitbart News, Ehrenreich said: “Essentially, my point is that the Jewish Board of Deputies, who are promoting and supporting the war of aggression of the Israeli army against the Palestinian people–we must imprison them and charge them with war crimes. They cannot act with impunity.”

Ehrenreich said that confrontations must take place “across the world, like people were confronted during apartheid.” He claimed, however, that he meant his comments to refer to the Board of Deputies alone and not to Jews in general. 

“How can I mean Jews in general when many Jews support the divestment movement?” he asked.

Asked what kind of retribution he meant by calling for “an eye for an eye,” Ehrenreich said, “I’m tired of talking to you,” and hung up.

The new South African Constitution prohibits “incitement of imminent violence,” as well as “advocacy of hatred that is based on race, ethnicity, gender or religion, and that constitutes incitement to cause harm.”

A key purpose and mechanism of TRUCE talks in Cairo

Displace, push aside, ignore, DISREGARD and MAKE POINTLESS, the United States of America under the leadership of Barack Obama, and with Egyptian help, replace us with Russia STRATEGICALLY in the ME.


We are IN the world, and cannot achieve our ECONOMIC well being and/or growth by being alone, acting to come home, and purposeful solitude. nor by projecting HARMLESSNESS to achieve being liked. Nor will an ‘infinitesimally small’ strike of several bombs achieve message of caution upon those inimical to our way of life. NOR will it gather our friends around us.

From Will MFS the OTHER NEW, Israel MATZAV, and Debka

The result described here is unbelievable.

A three-way bloc fronted the talks for a durable truce in Gaza when they resumed in Cairo Sunday, Aug. 17. DEBKAfile’s intelligence sources report exclusively that Egyptian President Abdel Fatteh El-Sisi, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas have lined up in a solid phalanx against the Islamist Hamas-Islamic Jihad alliance.

Their lineup, backed from the wings by Saudi King Abdullah and Russian President Vladimir Putin, set itself five objectives:
1.  To confront Hamas with a solid political-security front which is beyond its power to break.
2.  To corner Hamas into accepting the Egyptian ceasefire proposion unchanged and unconditionally.

3.  To compel Hamas to disarm, i.e. dismantle its rockets and tunnels, so pulling the teeth of its military wing, Ezz e-Din al-Qassam.

4.  To distance the Obama administration from the triple bloc’s dealings with the Palestinian Islamist factions.

5.  To keep the Europeans from interfering in those dealings.

The foreign ministers of Britain, France, Germany and Italy meeting in Brussels offered Friday to take charge of Gaza’s border crossings and work to prevent illegal arms flows.

Saturday, Cairo, Jerusalem and Ramallah politely informed Brussels that they preferred to handle this situation on their own and no European diplomatic or security assistance was needed.

The proposition the three partners have formulated puts Hamas and Jihad on the spot. The Arab world has abandoned them and their only source of funding is Tehran. So their choices are grim: Face an escalated war that Israel will fight until the bitter end, or swallow hard and accept the only proposition on the table which is tantamount to disarmament and capitulation.
Their isolation is complete. The Egyptian, Israeli and Palestinian leaders have managed to cut Hamas away from any backing in Washington, Qatar and Turkey as well as blocking its path to Moscow.
To encourage Hamas to choose the right path, the Israel Air Force is cruising around-the-clock over Hamas bases and command centers in the Gaza Strip, ready at a signal to switch to the offensive if the Palestinian fundamentalists make the wrong choice in Cairo.
Mahmoud Abbas, who appeared to be sitting on the sidelines of the Gaza conflict during Israel’s month-long military operation, finally threw in his lot with Sisi and Netanyahu when it came to the crunch.

The reality which shows Gazans who voted in HAMAS are now totally screwed

This morning, amid the news about Ferguson, ISIS, the Mosul Damn, iced tea accidentally mixed with lye at a fast food restaurant, tracking down of Awlaki, Gov. Rick Perry, & Germans listening in on Kerry and Clinton, ..none of the words Israel, or HAMAS, or rocket or cease (fire) appear on Drudgereport.

In other words, for those who use headline or story aggregators to find information, or whose morning begins with the p=one page with all the links to the top 50 or so plus news and pundit outlets of ALL media types, GAZA has ceased to exist already.

Gazans, if they really don’t love death the way we love life, NEED to recognize the reality of their lives. Which is, that having freely chosen HAMAS they chose this fate. That Israel is NOT going anywhere either by military force, political farces at the UN, dead baby porn and boycotts or any other reason. That therefore, the only way to have their children go to medical school, or become IT managers, librarians, and teachers, plumbers and electricians, and LIVE is to recognize their Jewish neighbor, and swap that for their own nation with sovereign open borders, and DESTROY the enemy of their children’s future, HAMAS.

Dude, chill the fuck out. Saying that you don't look like a Jew was a compliment. You look really western. Did you have a nose job or something?

Asked by


Excuse me while I hit my head repeatedly against my keyboard. 

Here’s the way this goes ‘anonymous’ - if you think there is a Jewish ‘look’ that’s 100% PURE RACIST. Since you said it, unabashedly, then doubled down-
Just as if you said black folks are too fucking stupid to be decent quarterbacks, or that Jeter made a great SS because he is part white. Or that Kevin McHale might have been able to jump better if he was black.
100% pure racist
If you think telling someone it’s a compliment because they don’t look Jewish, YOU are a RACIST.
If you think someone is upset about the fact you might as well be KKK with that level of racism BECAUSE they had a nose job, and JEWS HAVE NOSE JOBS, figure out what that means, moron.

Not a single Gazan that I spoke to was not against Hamas

Palestinian Journalist.

Mudar Zahran, a Palestinian-Jordanian journalist, activist and voice for many Palestinian Arabs living in the Hashemite Kingdom and elsewhere says the Gaza war has reinforced for most that electing and supporting Hamas was a bad idea.

“Not a single Gazan that I spoke to was not against Hamas,” said Zahran, who came to the “West Bank” to cover the conflict in and around the Gaza Strip.

“Come on, do you guys think we are animals? That we would love seeing Hamas terrorists hiding among our crowds just to have Israeli F–16’s bomb us so we can get the sympathy?” he asked in an interview with JerusalemOnline. “Please understand, yes, Gaza elected Hamas, but people make mistakes. Didn’t the Germans elect Hitler? Were the Germans still in favor of Hitler when Russia and the Allies were marching into Berlin and bombing the hell out of it?”

Of course, that doesn’t mean most of the population in Gaza is ready to ally with Israel or even return to Israeli rule.

“We have to be clear; Palestinians hate Israel,” Zahran reminded his Israeli readers. “This might change in thirty years or so, but they hate Israel. So Gazans hate Israel, but for sure and I can authoritatively say this, they hate Hamas even more now.”

Several days later, Zahran appeared on i24 News to debate Dimitri Diliani, a member of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah Revolutionary Council, who tried to frame the Gaza war as a bloodthirsty Israeli offensive against the Palestinian people as a whole.

While Diliani painted himself as no friend of jihadists in Gaza, he was adamant that “when it comes to Israel and the crimes that it is committing, I will stand on the side of Hamas any given day.”

Zahran was having none of it.

“Is Israel an angel? As a Palestinian, do I think that Israel is innocent? No. But, I know that in this war, Hamas was provoking Israel, Hamas wanted the war,” insisted Zahran. “I am in touch with people in Gaza constantly, and those people have had enough of Hamas.”

Zahran went on to explain that in the Gaza war, Hamas’ strings were being pulled in service to other regional powers with a score to settle with one another.

“We are fighting other people’s wars. Qatar, the king of Jordan, the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran and Syria - they wanted to teach Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Israel a lesson,” he said.

And for Hamas to play along demonstrates that, in Zahran’s words, it is “a traitor to my people.”

As for Israel? Zahran appeared to be fairly clear-headed on that score.

“You know what is the only country around that treats us as human beings?” he asked. “Ironically, it’s Israel. Israel does very stupid things in Gaza. They even commit crimes in Gaza. On the other hand, Israel is the only sane partner with whom we can sit with and say, ‘Let’s make peace.’ They are the only partner that actually labels a Palestinian, even a terrorist, as a human.”