The Refrain on the denouement of Barack Obama: “If he can’t do it no one can”


For any of you like me who can hardly STAND to turn on the news, and cringe as a headline break is announced, expecting anything from terrorists in our swimming pools (today in Libya), to a dirty weapon in Houston, or on Wall street ….and are relieved when it turns out to be naked pix of Ms Lawrence ..

It is going to be claimed that the USA is now ungovernable, attacking the basis for the nation itself rather than admit the party nominated a ‘light skinned black with no negro dialect’ (thanks Harry Reid) in a GIGANTIC ERROR with good intentions, and that 53% of the voting public was FOOLISH. Where was Harold Ford? Ms Rice? Dr. Sowell, PLEASE!!

It is already being claimed that Obama failed in the foreign domain because we can’t solve the world’s problems and no one can manage our responsibilities, and neither the USA nor the world was ready for such as Barack Obama.

Brett Stephens from the cover article of Commentary:

If anything, the international situation Obama faced when he assumed the presidency was, in many respects, relatively auspicious. Despite the financial crisis and the recession that followed, never since John F. Kennedy has an American president assumed high office with so much global goodwill. The war in Iraq, which had done so much to bedevil Bush’s presidency, had been won thanks to a military strategy Obama had, as a senator, flatly opposed. For the war in Afghanistan, there was broad bipartisan support for large troop increases. Not even six months into his presidency, Obama was handed a potential strategic game changer when a stolen election in Iran led to a massive popular uprising that, had it succeeded, could have simultaneously ended the Islamic Republic and resolved the nuclear crisis. He was handed another would-be game changer in early 2011, when the initially peaceful uprising in Syria offered an opportunity, at relatively little cost to the U.S., to depose an anti-American dictator and sever the main link between Iran and its terrorist proxies in Lebanon and Gaza.

Incredibly, Obama squandered every single one of these opportunities. An early and telling turning point came in 2009, when, as part of the Russian reset, the administration abruptly cancelled plans—laboriously negotiated by the Bush administration, and agreed to at considerable political risk by governments in Warsaw and Prague—to deploy ballistic-missile defenses to Poland and the Czech Republic. “We heard through the media,” was how Witold Waszczykowski, the deputy head of Poland’s national-security team, described the administration’s consultation process. Adding unwitting insult to gratuitous injury, the announcement came on the 70th anniversary of the Nazi-Soviet pact, a stark reminder that Poland could never entrust its security to the guarantees of great powers.

And this was just the beginning.

This is more than a replay of Obama’s greatest foreign policy hits ..

 Relations would soon sour with France, as then-President Nicolas Sarkozy openly mocked Obama’s fantasies of nuclear disarmament. “Est-il faible?”—“Is he weak?”

And there was Israel: “We thought it would be the United States that would lead the campaign against Iran,”

As for Syria, perhaps the most devastating assessment was offered by Robert Ford, who had been Obama’s man in Damascus in the days when Bashar al-Assad was dining with John Kerry and being touted by Hillary Clinton as a “reformer.”

“I was no longer in a position where I felt I could defend the American policy,” Ford told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour in June, explaining his decision to resign from government. “There really is nothing we can point to that’s been very successful in our policy except the removal of about 93 percent of some of Assad’s chemical materials. But now he’s using chlorine gas against his opponents.”

Often the damage has been vivid, as in the collapse of the Israel–Palestinian talks in April followed by the war in Gaza. More frequently it can be heard in the whispered remarks of our allies. “The Polish-American alliance is worthless, even harmful, as it gives Poland a false sense of security,” Radek Sikorski, Poland’s foreign minister and once one of its most reliably pro-American politicians, was overheard saying in June. “It’s bullshit.”

But perhaps the most telling indicator is the collapsing confidence in the president among the Democratic-leaning foreign-policy elite in the United States. “Under Obama, the United States has suffered some real reputational damage,” admitted Washington Postcolumnist David Ignatius in May, adding: “I say this as someone who sympathizes with many of Obama’s foreign-policy goals.”

Zbigniew Brzezinski, Jimmy Carter’s national-security adviser, warned in July that “we are losing control of our ability at the highest levels of dealing with challenges that, increasingly, many of us recognize as fundamental to our well-being.” The United States, he added, was “increasingly devoid of strategic will and a sense of direction.”

Zbig, leader of that set of policies which was blind to the ENTIRE situation that lead to mujahideen, and Al Qaeda says this?

And right on cue 8 hours later….Joan Walsh whining at Salon?

What do I want to hear about Michael Brown and Officer Wilson?

That’s right.


Let the grand jury hear it’s evidence through October as is planned, and then I am happy to hear it all.

Until then, I don’t CARE if he was a gang member, or faced murder charges or WIlson has a swollen face, or a broken eye socket,  because it doesn’t matter in the face of the evidence the 23 people will see, FOLLOWED BY, you can be sure, a federal civil rights case.

I don’t want to see Al Sharpton or hear him, or Jesse Jackson, or some other right wing side expert, and I most of all don’t want to see any stupid, “I’d rather face ISIS” t shirts (yes, that’s RIGHT), or see a line of cope backed by MRAPS in the street. So everyone STFU and let’s have justice proceed and then take a look.

But if you are thinking that if you don’t get the verdicts or indictments you want some riot is then appropriate as Spike Lee apparently has said, then you better think about the other side being JUST AS APPROPRIATE, whatever ‘side’ you are on.

The Conundrum of Iraq and Ukraine, 2 invasions

A Parisian writing in THE WEEK said this…

Putin’s Russia seems to have finally launched its bona fide invasion of Ukraine. And many righteously indignant American lawmakers will surely be eager to try to stop Russia (not at any cost), or at least punish it for doing something reprehensible. Ukraine is a sovereign country, and invading sovereign countries is bad (you know, unless you are the United States).

So that had me thinking about whether or not it MATTERS what the reasons are you are invading.

It does to those in the nation DOING the invading surely. But who cares?

It would have mattered to the Tutsis in 1994 if we had invaded the nation of Rwanda to end genocide, wouldn’t it.

It mattered to the Bosnians when we lead the UN into that sickness and bombed Serbians with aluminum foil shreds obliterating their electrical stations, among other standard sundries

And Iraq? ‘Sorry, we thought you had WMD, but how about some freedom?’

Ah, but the post Crimean Ukraine.

La difference

No one can say we went to Iraq for empire. I mean, look at the place. Much rather drill a big pipe 10,000 feet into North Dakota if it’s oil, or suck some via the XL pipeline (if it ever gets built..maybe 2017) some think we’re after.

But Russia, ahhhh, Russia.

Rule as czar, kill a possible disloyal child, and be looked at as a leader forever, and MURICA?

Ivan actually loves grabbing the land for himself and blowing snot all over you and telling you its insect repellent, while he knows you know it’s snot. The real trick is seeing if YOU have the balls to say its snot and do something about the land grab.

But in Fallujah and Donestsk, they are just as dead. It’s better when WE GO HOME, if and only if, you really want to be free ..i.e. to figure out how to take care of yourself.

Ivan has figured out how to avoid that problem. They leave the natives worse off, kill them if they complain, and then move their own people in, which is of course, PRECISELY how Stalin put Russians into the Ukraine after starving Ukrainians to death in the 1930’s when they complained.

(btw, did you know Robt E Lee sanctioned the Russkies in Novorussiya?)

So, yeah, it makes difference, but if you are the nation being stomped, you have to have finer appreciation of the subtleties, unless you are in a Goma or a Srebenica, in which case the Marine kicking in ANYBODY’S door is a sweet sound.

But you can bet, it won’t be a Russian marine, and THAT, is the difference.

We don’t need no steeeeeeenking strategies

Why is Vladimir Putin Referring to Eastern Ukraine as ‘New Russia’?

In a new statement, the Kremlin has detailed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s address to pro-Russian separatists battling Kiev’s force in eastern Ukraine, which referred to the rebels as “the militia of New Russia” or “Novorossiya”.


Finland’s Fighter Jets on Alert as Russia Violates Airspace

Putin says Russia must strengthen its economic, military position in Arctic

FBI intelligence report omits Islamic extremism from domestic threats…

Man With ISIS Flag Waving From Car Leads Police On Chase Through Chicago…

Makes Bomb Threat…

Laptop found details plot to weaponize bubonic plague…

Oh and Gaza, and China, and IRS, and VA, and BRIC Bank, and Iran nukes, and election, and Ferguson

This guy is liable to get a lot of Americans and OTHERS ***NEEDLESSLY*** killed before January 2017.

A very interesting test of factual reporting has come FOX VS CNN

This morning on Salon (as big a hater of Fox as they come)  - over Ferguson and Officer Wilson’s ‘broken’ eye socket (or NOT)

Anatomy of a Fox News smear: Ann Coulter, Matt Drudge and the “dumbest person on the Internet”

This takes down the accuracy of Gateway Pundit if Salon is correct, BTW, because the ‘dumbest person on the internet’ is Jim Hoft who publishes there, and this story was yanked from there, and Drudge.

Salon claims via CNN that there is NO WAY Officer Wilson has a broken eye socket as widely reported, and Fox is clueless because they took a story from Gateway Pundit like fools, actually like Dan Rather

WaPo, non rabid, but left of center, says:

Magee said that prosecutors have not received any medical records relating to Wilson so far. ​But he said that since Wilson was taken to the hospital, they assume there are medical records and they just haven’t received them yet.

A family friend of Wilson’s told The Washington Post that Wilsonsuffered a fractured eye socket. Ferguson police have said that Wilson’s face was injured and he needed medical treatment, but they did not go into any detail. On Wednesday night, Ferguson Mayor James Knowles III told Fox News that he could not confirm reports that Wilson suffered a fractured eye bone.

Ferguson Mayor James Knowles III told Fox News he could not confirm reports about the fractured eye bone.

CNN, has their ‘source’ which says he has seen the x-ray and Wilson had a swollen face PERIOD.

More… it just doesn’t stop there.

Hoft also cited a tweet from Christine Byers, a reporter for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, who said, “Police sources tell me more than a dozen witnesses have corroborated cop’s version of events in shooting.” This was odd, as at this point there had been no story from Wilson, who had gone into hiding shortly after the shooting.

Apparently the Post-Dispatch found it odd, too, as the paper published a story making clear that they never published Byers’ information, that she was not working on this story, and that she had been on leave since March. Byers then tweeted: “On FMLA from paper. Earlier tweets did not meet standards for publication.”

The link to the St. Louis paper is ACCURATELY reported by Salon.

And what of Jim Hoft? How did Hoft react when his story fell apart? Being Jim Hoft means never having to say “I was wrong.” In fact, in a follow-up piece, Hoft doubled down. His original two anonymous sources were now four anonymous sources. Hoft even took CNN to task for not running with his original BS story. Under the headline “NOW THERE ARE FOUR SOURCES: Officer Darren Wilson Suffered Fractured Eye Socket,” Hoft hilariously cites himself as a source, then closes with: ”CNN really needs to be more responsible with such sensitive information.”

Not only was Hoft doubling down on his now discredited original story, he was taking a victory lap. He claims to have single handedly caused the “Liberal Media” to pull out of Ferguson under the banner headline “Liberal Media Pulls Out of #Ferguson – After Reports of Officer Wilson’s Busted Up Face” And for extra comedic effect, Hoft cites World Net Daily, one of the craziest, least reliable sources in the entire wingnutosphere and known to critics as World Nut Daily.

Hoft is still “reporting” on Ferguson, posting a string of articles that take race baiting to the next level. He talks about “black lynch mobs” and decries the looting and rioting while poor, innocent Darren Wilson is “struggling” and “in fear for his life.” He claims Wilson’s supporters are receiving death threats (from black people) and reports on how white people are co-opting the now famous “hands up” posture to promise not to rob convenience stores. He explains that Mike Brown’s family calling for an end to protests is actually a calling for protests to continue.

Frankly I have to wonder WHY Salon published this story BEFORE X-rays and medical records from the hospital became part of the indisputable public record.

This story is not about Wilson, or Ferguson, but about how news is reported. Did Fox get ‘Dan Rathered’ by running to believe what their news editors’ inner political beliefs yelled at them, or are CNN and Salon doing that same thing.

It will be VERY INTERESTING to know the truth.

I don’t know what to do about the Japs. Beats me

What Admiral Halsey DIDN’T SAY in 1942


Obama confesses: ‘We don’t have a strategy yet’ for dealing with Islamic State

President Obama said Thursday he doesn’t have a strategy yet for defeating Islamist militants in Syria.

“I don’t want to put the cart before the horse,” Mr. Obama said in a news conference at the White House. “We don’t have a strategy yet. As our strategy develops, we will consult with Congress.”

"Damn I can’t figure out how to get on the continent and get at those Nazis" What Dwight Eisenhower DIDN’T SAY

"Yamamoto sure got us with our pants down, and now the Navy is at the bottom of Pearl, and we’re FUCKED" What FDR didn’t say

"Well, now that the entire Union Army ran off at Manasas, I don’t have any idea what to do next." What Abe Lincoln didn’t say

"How the hell do we get out of here" What Chesty Puller didn’t say at Chosin

What do actual leaders do when confronted by the unexpected, unpleasant and discouraging?

Here is what Puller said: "We’ve been looking for the enemy for some time now. We’ve finally found him. We’re surrounded. That simplifies things."

Hey Erdogan, Al Thani, this one’s for you

Marched to their deaths: Sickening ISIS slaughter continues as 250 soldiers captured at Syrian airbase are stripped then led to the desert for mass execution

Read more: 
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hamas doesnt seek war, zionists give no other way to live

From one .

The latest of,… what?


"hamas doesn’t seek war"


Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it

Initiatives, and so-called peaceful solutions and international conferences, are in contradiction to the principles of the Islamic Resistance Movement.

There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad. Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time and vain endeavors.

"zionists give no other way to live"

Well since the official position of the freely elected govt is to “obliterate Israel” via “Jihad” .. why wouldn’t there be a blockade on war materials. Obviously concrete for construction was allowed ..


Hospitals received medicine, and Gazans were also treated in Israel.

I will say it again. There IS a war of the peoples going on between Israel and the arabs who call themselves Palestinians. Between them that makes it WW2. Even though Saudi Arabia now blames HAMAS. Even though Saudi Arabia now says it is time to recognize Israel, HAMAS remains dedicated NOT to creation of Palestine, but to kill Jews.

Therefore why is there any complaint when war breaks out?

That’s why people such as .ar either fools filled with slogans, or propagandists who act solely to perpetuate DEATH via lies.

File under ‘NEVERMIND’ Drone ‘shot down’ by Iran turns out to be military ‘prop’ not Israeli Hermes

Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guard is denying that it captured a foreign unmanned aircraft during a military exercise in southern Iran

A spokesman for the Guard, Yasin Hasanali, told The Associated Press that the drone was actually being used during the drill as a supposed enemy aircraft.

Iranian media on Saturday quoted a spokesman for the Guard as saying that its electronic warfare unit had taken control of a foreign drone’s navigation system and forced it to land during the site of the military exercise.

Iran has claimed to have captured several US drones, including an advanced RQ-170 Sentinel CIA spy drone in December 2011 and at least three ScanEagle aircraft.

Read more: Iran changes tune on ‘foreign drone’ capture | The Times of Israel 
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Say, remember when Sayd was HUNG and Muhammad sought asylum in KSA, and taught Islam?

Sayd Qutb was hung by Nasser in 1966, and his brother Muhammad fled to KSA, sought asylum, was protected, and then taught Islamic Studies at both Mecca's Umm al-Qura University, and King Abdulaziz University.

You may have heard of a few of his students, Abdullah Azzam and one Osama Bin Laden, among many other pure assholes.

He just died in April and surely would have croaked at this:


Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister said that now is the time to recognize Israel as a legitimate entity in the Middle East, stressing that the Palestinian arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, terror group Hamas, is responsible for fanning the flames of war between Israelis and Palestinians.

Speaking at the world assembly of Islamic scholars in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Saud bin Faisal Al Saud reiterated that the Arab world must also reject Hamas as the representatives of the Palestinian movement, AWDnews reports.

Saudi media has consistently been against Hamas in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute. “[Meshaal], we are tired of defending the [Palestinian] cause that you have sold for cheap to an MB (Muslim Brotherhood) gang whose way you followed even though they have lost their [own] way,” Saudi commentator Abdul Hamdi Razaq recently wrote in a scathing rebuke of Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal.

In March, Saudi Arabia designated the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. Some insist the designation had more to do with differing views on Sunni Islam than with the actual threat level posed by the Muslim Brotherhood.

This week, Saudi King Abdullah blamed Hamas for the 50-day war between the terror entity and the State of Israel. Abdullah said: “It is shameful and disgraceful that these terrorists [Hamas] are doing this in the name of religion, killing the people, whose killing Allah has forbidden, and mutilating their bodies, and feeling proud in publishing this. They have distorted the image of Islam with its purity and humanity and smeared it with all sorts of bad qualities by their actions, injustice, and crimes.”

Isn’t it amazing what ISIS and Khameinei have achieved?

You don’t have a choice it’s coming to you in America.

Anjem Choudry, last night on Hannity, cracking hardy in proving Islamophobia is not Islamophobia?

Sean Hannity provided Americans a rare opportunity to witness the enemy that is radical Islam up close and personal. Wednesday night, Hannity interviewed London imam Anjem Choudary, an Islamic radical who was once portrayed as a moderate, but he quickly snapped on national television shortly after discussing the beheading of American journalist James Foley.

Choudary admitted that the true goal of Islam is to establish a world-wide caliphate, a intolerant theocratic society where Sharia law is the only law, and openly mocked Americans for believing their goal is anything other.

“You don’t have a choice,” he said. “It’s coming to you in America.”

Though at times he would enter into an almost-incoherent rant, Hannity still exposed the true beliefs held by Choudary and those he clearly believes to be the majority of followers of the Islamic faith.

Choudary admitted, for instance, that homosexuality is something “people won’t be doing in caliphate.” But if they do and they are caught, “then sure they will be punished.” His comments came in response to Sean’s question regarding whether homosexuality warrants stoning individuals to death.

“Allah made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve,” he said.

HAMAS totally isolated but for those who support it’s brother ISIS- Turkey and Qatar

The cease fire in effect for today, anyway, is no different than could have been achieved MANY weeks ago as offered then by Egypt.

Tunnels are mostly obliterated. Thousands of rockets gone. A more vigilant Egypt sits at Rafah, and an Israel now about to lead the word in underground sensors remains more on guard.

Concrete going into Gaza, will now as a result of its PRIOR ACTUAL USE, have to be monitored to the extreme and rebuilding will be slowed.

Israel is NOT to blame for this.

Who is? I have asked this many ways many times since June. I find it hard to believe that Gazans would still support HAMAS in an election, as folks such as Mudar Zahran have asserted. But I cannot escape the feeling that what has been true since at least 1919 (Abu Musa riots), and thru the rejections of 1936, 1947, 1967, and right thru today remains true.

The myths that Israel sits on purely stolen lands is the shrine of salafi Islam, and the hymn of shia Islam. It has been accepted by Muslims via repetition and peer pressure and fear.

Two states is a dream.


But the forces for pure outright and outspoken destruction of Israel now find themselves nearly totally isolated.

HAMAS is supported today solely by Turkey whose clear support for IS is beyond question, and Qatar, whose now virulent anti west and anti Semitic purpose can’t be hidden behind smiles for Nancy Pelosi.

Report: Qatar Plans to Fund a New Gaza Flotilla (from Turkey)

Qatar, a dedicated supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, will fund a flotilla to Gaza spearheaded by a Turkish group with reported terrorist ties, according to an Israeli media report.

A report by the Israeli news site NRG quoted in the Algemeiner stated that Qatar and IHH, the Turkish group that bills itself as humanitarian, signed a cooperation agreement on Monday.

The Jerusalem Post also reported on the cooperation agreement but did not state that a new flotilla was part of the agreement.IHH was the key group behind the 2010 Gaza flotilla, which tried to break Israel’s sea blockade of Gaza instituted to stop the flow of weapons to Hamas.

“The organization will send another flotilla after they receive permission from the government in Ankara that Turkish naval forces will defend the flotilla and its participants,” IHH leader Bulent Yildirim said, according to the Algemeiner.

Turkey had initially expressed support for a new flotilla but reversed course.

Yildirim is under investigation for financial ties to Al-Qaeda, Turkish media have reported, the Algemeiner noted.

It’s not getting there, and now Israel is untroubled by the thought of worsened relations with Turkey, OR Qatar.

I wonder how King Hussein feels today about his intercession for the life of Khaled Meshal, sheltered by those who fund IS which wants his head.

Israel still controls Gaza. They control the electricity (which Palestinians get for 3 hours a day) water, internet and the supply of humanitarian aid. Have you heard of the checkpoints and blockades? These are just a few examples. Half a million settlers live on Palestinian land. These settlements are segregated with 'Jewish' only roads and buses. Thousands of Palestinian homes are demolished each year to make way for more settlements.

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